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Young Leaders Project “For Life Without Rubbish” Надрукувати Надіслати електронною поштою


     After the training our Young Leaders started to realize their project “For Life without Rubbish”. The first step was to inform the community about the project so they made placards and visit all the schools of the town and spoke to the students there. They also inform the authorities of the town and their ideas were approved. Then a group of students of the 10 forms designed and made calendars with the logo “Be strong! Carry the rubbish to the bin!” They also made some posters and organized the action “Let’s save the environment!”  It was held in the school hall on the 12th of April. 


Students, teachers and parents took part in it. Young Leaders   spoke about the necessity of saving our planet by cleaning the environment, reusing the materials, economizing the resources.  During the action there was an exhibition of the students’ compositions made of the wastes,  they sold the calendars and with the money received they bought the eco bags for rubbish and used them while cleaning the school yard and our town.The cleaning of the school yard and the town was also a part of the plan and it was done on the 16th and 23rd of April and 5th of May 2011 successfully.


The students of our school got special thanks from the Major of Lubny for their work for the benefit of our town. Another step was to collect waste paper and use the money for it on buying some young trees. These trees were planted in the streets of our town. The students of our school also help the students of Lubny Forestry College to plant trees in the wood on the Earth Day.



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